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Clarity Penguin Hunt
December 2023

You've looked for Elves, you've searched for Gnomes, this year, it's a Penguin Hunt...

That's right, a party of playful penguins will precariously position themselves - over, under, in front of, behind - a pick of our most popular products.

Every day from Friday 1st to Sunday 24th December, a cheeky little penguin will be hidden with a different product on our website.

Your job is to find the penguins! 

We'll post a brand new clue on the website and social media and by email each day, in the form of a riddle to help lead you to those sneaky hiding spots.

There is also the addition of an anagram to decipher. As you find the penguins each day, don't just make a note of where they hide, you must also pay attention to the letter or letters our penguins will be holding up! These letters will combine to reveal a festive message.

Once you are sure of all 24 hiding places and think you've figured out the anagram, email your answers to by 31st of December. Correct entries will be entered into a prize draw to win a Clarity gift hamper worth £200!

If you miss a day, do not fear. You'll find all the daily clues listed on this page below. And once a penguin has been hidden with a product, it will stay there until the end.


How to Play:

1) Look out for each day's clue on our website, on social media and via email.
2) Decipher the clue to reveal which product it is leading you to.
3) Hunt for the product on our website.
4) If there's a penguin hidden with it, make a note of the product name and the anagram letter the penguin is holding up!
5) Try to solve the anagram to reveal the hidden sentiment. *HINT* the Anagram is several words...
6) Once you've made a note of all 24 products and think you've solved the anagram, email with your answers by 31st December.
7) Every correct entry will be entered into a prize draw to a win a £200 Clarity hamper.

The Clues and Answers

Pssst... You don't get the answers until the hunt is over...

Here we go again my friends - Let’s play hide and seek! I’ve found a pal already, with feathers and a beak!
Answer: Linda Williams Christmas Goose GRO-CH-42165-03
Anagram letter: N

I’ve picked a soft and spacious place to keep well out of sight; I should have brought my eye mask though; It is a little bright!
Answer: Lightwave With White Foam ACC-LP-30352-A4
Anagram letter: G

The name here really had me fooled; I was all set for a sleep! But what a clever concept, to drop your art down deep. 
Answer: Embedders ACC-EM-31301-XX
Anagram letter: I

This is the perfect place for me, I love it dry AND wet; Fill them up or don’t - What a brilliant set!  
Answer: Small Water Brushes ACC-PE-30874
Anagram letter: W

Day 5 and I have hit a wall, I’m not sure where to hide. I think I’ll find a garden, and then I will decide...  
Answer: Rosie & Birck Wall STA-FL-10676-A5
Anagram letter: R

I can’t believe the colours here! I’m sticking to this spot - You need good teeth to eat this though; It’s healthy, but it’s not!  
Answer: Toffee Apple Designer Paper ACC-CA-30850-88
Anagram letter: E

You’ll find a festive tipple here, take care to just have one; It may only taste like fruit juice, but it’ll hit you later on!
Answer: Groovi Corner Craft Punch GRO-AC-40196-XX
Anagram letter: I

I love this place! Oh what a hoot! You’ll never find me here! I’m playing dress ups with my friend; we’re wearing hats - that’s clear!
Answer: Linda's Snowy Owl GRO-CH-41572-16
Anagram letter: I

 The weather’s changed, it’s snowing here!I miss my family...But I’ve found a bunch of buddies,who love it - just like me!
Answer: Linda's Snowman, Snowlady & Snowbaby Trio GRO-WI-41044-03
Anagram letter: T

I’m hiding in the dark now; The moon will light your way. I know it’s past my bedtime though - let’s cut it out today. 
Answer: Barb's Bijou Linocut Midnight Rose STA-FL-11684-A6
Anagram letter: I

It’s big and black, it’s soft and hard, You’d use this quite a lot; You need it when you’re parching, You need it when you’re not!  
Answer: Black Dual Purpose Groovi Mat A3 GRO-AC-41036-A3
Anagram letter: S

We’re halfway there, It’s going well, and I’m feeling rather fruity! Let’s think pink and plucky - We all love this beauty!  
Answer: Distressed Oxide Ink Pad Pickled Raspberry DO-50422-XX
Anagram letter: C

I nearly slipped when I landed here, on dancing waves of light. Sheets of silky smoothness - Parchers’ and Stampers’ delight!  
Answer: Nothern Lights Designer Parchment ACC-CA-30443-88
Anagram letter: V

It’s very hot and dry here;
Can penguins get a parched mouth?
You know when you bump into lions and zebras, You’ve headed too far south!!
Answer: Wee Africa Stamp Collection STA-AN-10999-XX
Anagram letter: E

I’m busy wrapping presents but
lookie lookie here! Wrapping just got easier, I love a good idea!
Answer: Set of 4 Roll-a-Tape Glue Runners ACC-AD-31146-XX
Anagram letter: A

And now for a splash in the water - A dip in the briny blue. You’ll find me in an inky pool - Too much is not good for you!  
Answer: Distress Ink Pad INK-DP-50098-XX
Anagram letter: E

My oh my, it’s scorching here! Let’s hang out in the shade; But brush some yellow ink through this and those rays will not fade.  
Answer: 7x7 Sunshine Stencil STE-LA-00065-77
Anagram letter: I

We’re on a roll my friends And what I say is true: Together we are better And I’m sticking close to you.  
Answer: Masking Tape Pack of Four ACC-AD-31212-XX
Anagram letter: E

I’ve put on gloves and dressed up warm and am feeling so much better! I’m hiding behind the postbox - I have to mail that letter! 
Answer: Jayne's Bijou Letter to Santa STA-CH-11433-A6
Anagram letter: I

Find me tucked between the sheets -
I love it here so much! You may just see the black and white
I see the finishing touch...
Answer: Barb's Words Sticker Collection ACC-SC-30849-A5
Anagram letter: H

I’ve found some friends to play with, to hang out in the snow.
They’re super cute and lovely,
dressed warm from head to toe.
Answer: Jayne's Bijou Winter Scene Children STA-WI-11093-A5
Anagram letter: T

We’re edging to the finish line,
Just two more days to go;
What we really need right now
Is proper, bright white snow.
Answer: White Posca Oens and Bluff Paper ACC-MS-31066-XX
Anagram letter: N

Now it’s almost Christmas
I’m sending you good cheer
A happy plaice for everyone
I shore fish you were here! 
Answer: Sam's Bobbing Around STA-JO-11380
Anagram letter: G

We made it folks! We’re
finally here.
Just one more little clue:
It’s Time for Reflection -
and I’m Happy near You. 
Answer: Merry Little Christmas Quotes STA-WO-11794-A5
Anagram letter: T & V

Anagram Answer: It is in giving that we receive

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