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Groovi Plates
Groovi Plates are lightly laser etched with original and beautiful designs. The plates come in various sizes, ranging from Baby A6 square to Big Daddy A4.
Plate Sizes
A6 Square A6 A5 Square A5
A4 Square A4 Border
Plate Mates
We offer various size Plate Mates to hold the plates in place while you work. These Plate Mates are not only functional, they are also etched with very useful designs.
Plate Mate Sizes
A6 Square A6
(Groovi Go!)
A5 Square
A5 Border A4 Square
The little Inset enables you to use A6 sq baby plates in the standard Groovi Plate mate.
A5 Square Inset
There are several slim spacers, which enable you to swop plates without having to change the plate mate you are using.
A6 Square Spacer A6 Spacer A5 Square Spacer
The Groovi tools are perfect for starting out. Once you get in the groovi and want to develop your parching skills further, you may well move on to our Pergamano tools.
Embossing Tool 0.8MM - 1.3MM
Embossing Tool 2.0MM - 2.8MM
Groovi Go! Embossing Tool 1.3MM - 2.8MM
Our parchment is top quality 150 gsm. Clear parchment is the same on both sides.
A5 Parchment A4 Parchment
Top quality 150 gsm. Coloured parchment is ink-saturated on one side only; the inked side is the back.
Groovi Parchment also comes in a variety of different colours
Colourful, inky, and abstract... With our Designer Parchment you can easily add arty, vibrant panels and elegant backgrounds.
Add a splash of colour with Designer Parchment
Groovi Sticker Tabs
Groovi Sticker Tabs are repositionable. You can use them to hold your parchment in place while you work, without damaging the parchment.
You can use them to hold multiple Groovi Plates firmly in place...
...or to secure the two halves of the A4 Square Plate Mate together.
Grid Pattern Formats
Grid patterns come in two basic formats: Straight and Diagonal. Straight Patterns have all the holes in neat straight rows. With Diagonal Patterns the rows of holes are offset.
Super Fine Grids have the same size holes, they’re just closer together. Meaning more holes per grid and a finer result after perforation.
Pattern Grids come in Straight and Diagonal formats. These have some of the holes strategically removed to create patterns. Traditionally, parchers had the laborious task of counting holes to create patterns. Now we’ve done the counting for you, so you don’t have to!
Grid Sizes
A6 Square Grid A5 Square Grid
A4 Grid Border Grid
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