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One Day Special

With Barbara Gray & Paul Church

Wednesday 10th November, 6pm & 8pm
Thursday 11th November, 8am, 12pm & 4pm

Hi there everyone, thanks for clicking through from your emails.

Barb and Paul are excited to bring you a blockbuster One Day Special. This week we're delighted to launch our brand new range of Layout Montage and Layout Clean & Tidy stamp collections.

The Layout Montage is a collection of grungy retro and doodle style frames and design elements. Perfect for creating sophisticated compositions with ease, each montage layout exudes creativity and are a great way to indulge your imagination.

The Clean & Tidy designs are also fabulous composition tools, great for quickly adding a beautifully composed layout for your designs. More in the style of the Bauhaus and modernist art movements, the Clean & Tidy collections bring a lot of harmony and balance to your projects.

Why not tune in on Wednesday and Thursday and join the fun?

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