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Frosted Floral Overlay Collection - Set 1 + Folder



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Contains: Amaryllis, Christmas Rose, Fuchsia, Rose & Tatty Tulip.

Each packs contains:

  • 4 x printed in white on A5 parchment
  • 1 x elements printed in white on A5 parchment
  • 4 x A5 parchment
  • 1 x printed in black on A5 white paper
  • 1 x printed in full colour on A5 white paper
  • 1 x printed in black on A5 parchment
  • Instructions by Linda Williams on how to Shadow Emboss

Available individually


Here at Pergamano we have come up with a new and clever way to
combine colouring and embossing, which is both exciting and beautifully
effective. This new technique needs two images which are exactly the
same, one embossed on parchment (top layer), and one which has been
brightly coloured on parchment (bottom layer). When the two layers are
sandwiched together, the effect is fabulous! A gently frosted image every
In the Frosted Overlay Packs you will find the printed layers and
parchment you need:
• Superbly fine white ink images already printed onto the parchment,
waiting to be embossed
• A black line drawing of the same, which goes underneath a sheet of plain
parchment, ready for you to colour in. Plain parchment is also included
Although very traditional parchment skills will be applied (embossing
and colouring onto parchment from a pattern underneath), this new
approach makes an otherwise quite advanced parching technique very
achievable for everybody.
Firstly, the line art is already delicately printed onto the parchment
in white, so there is no need to draw the image with a white pencil.
Secondly, working on two separate layers is quite forgiving, and neither
the embossing nor the whitework need to be as detailed or perfect as
you might think. The embossed image gives a soft, lightly frosted overlay
to the colour work. At the same time, the coloured layer is toned down
beautifully by the embossed layer on top. They each compliment the
other, and the result is stunning.
As the embossed artwork will be sitting on top of the coloured artwork, we
need the colour to show through. This changes how white your embossing
should be and also how you should colour the image.

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