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Time to Reflect

Friday 19th March, 3pm

With Barbara Gray

Here at Clarity we’re still travelling gently, treading lightly and taking one day at a time. We're glad to have had you with us on our journey, and we're delighted to invite you to the next A Moment of Clarity!

Please do join Barbara Gray on Friday 19th March at 3pm. The awesome new Mask collection Barbara will be showcasing during the Facebook live session are on sale now so that you can get them in time for the 19th. The Riverside Landscape and reflection collection (I love that; reflection collection) of Clarity Masks are a really cool way to create amazing art. Promoting Masks from being a humble stamp companion, into an outright star product in and of themselves. So trust me, you really do wanna see what Barb’s gonna be doing with these during A Moment of Clarity. The Mask images are below, but I’ll leave the artwork to Barb!

We do hope to see you there, and, if you order the products before the day, you'll be able to craft along, too!

See you there?

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